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05:45 AM | Sun, 11 Dec 2016

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Add a conversation piece to your home!…A guide to buying Antique Furniture

1335 Days ago

Add a conversation piece to your home…a guide to buying antique furniture…

By the Attic

Chennai: - Antique furniture's popularity is rising simply because it's an expression of a person’s character as well as a decorative object and an item of investment.

Whether you are a collector, an antique lover, or someone doing up your home and looking for interesting pieces, the actual buying of the antiques is at the top of the list of being successful. If you’re a beginning collector interested in antique furniture, as the old saying goes "Buy what you like and can live with, buy the very best you can afford, buy from reputable dealers with experience, and if you do all these things your investment will continue to appreciate."

Begin by choosing small pieces, gradually building up to larger more expensive–and thus more valuable–pieces as you expand your collection.

At The Attic, we can't imagine decorating a room without a single piece of antique furniture. The reasons for this are many…

1. Antiques often tell a story of their own.  – They become conversation pieces that are handed down with love.

2. Antiques are green! Buying antique furniture is the ultimate in eco-friendly shopping. Antiques are recycled and reused.

3. Antique furniture is generally very well made — and made by hand.  A table that has lasted for longer than 50 year's of use is probably pretty well made and is likely to serve you well.

4. Antiques are trend proof. When you buy a piece with beautiful lines, curves and construction it is unlikely to ever go out of style.

5. Antiques can add elegance, style or personality to even the most modern or contemporary decor. In fact, it is the contemporary room that benefits most from a few antiques.

6. Antiques retain or increase in value. Well-cared for antiques go up in value over time and are a good investment in the long run. In some ways a new piece of furniture is like a new car: the new models drop in value the minute you drive them away from the showroom.

About The Attic

At the Attic, we have a selection of handpicked and restored Colonial, Art deco and antique furniture and artifacts. We also bring you an eclectic display of contemporary handmade sofas and furniture, home accessories like decorative lights, rugs, cushions, quilts, blinds and a selection of paintings and prints.

Underlining every one of our pieces of hand-crafted or hand-picked furniture and home accessories is the emphasis on beauty, design, proportion, detail and finish.


Elamma Kuruvilla

The Attic ( Chennai branch)
30/18, CIT colony, 2nd main road, Mylapore, Chennai- 600004

The Attic ( Kodaikanal branch)
13/A Fairy Falls road, Pambarpuram, Kodaikanal.

Tel: 98410 25093, 94863 64249
 email: elammakuruvilla@hotmail.com

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